Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


You will have more professional engagements or other urgent actions related to institutions, banks or public organizations.

An interesting development during the week will be a flirtation that has already arisen in your workplace. During the week you will be surprised, or surprised by the lack of sincerity or the actions of a person who will try to achieve something by deception. These things may not directly affect you. It is possible that you will only witness his actions, which will put you in a difficult situation.

During the week you can expect an influx of money, or a more favorable development of your financial affairs.

This week will definitely be more successful than the previous one, but things will have to be done carefully, step by step and not hastily.

During the week, domestic problems will arise, or with other types of property that you or your family own. Solving this problem will not be an easy task, but it will have to be completed.

Boys and girls will have different occasions for fun and pleasant experiences with friends. Romance will have a very strong presence in your life. However, there is a risk of being cheated or lied to or vice versa. Either way, it will bring you disappointment or emotional pain. During the week, be careful with your flirting and love interests.

Men will pay special attention this week, both to the protection of their personal belongings and to the protection of personal information from the computer or phone. A problem can appear very quickly and then take months or years to resolve or forget. Unpleasant news related to a person you know will worry you.

Women will spend seven very interesting days, with different experiences and emotions. Spring will already reflect on your emotional state, giving you hope and optimism for something good in your life. Good events during the week may be related to work or business.


You will have to pay more attention to the commitments you will have related to money or a financial document.

Generally, cash income from various sources is possible this week.

This week you will be sad that you will not be able to participate in an event in the life of a girl or a woman due to circumstances beyond your control. It is possible that this event will take place at a distance from you in another city, which will also be the reason for the impossibility of participating in person.

During these seven days you will have interesting contacts with people who you may not know personally and who will definitely have a favorable influence on your affairs, or will provide you with useful information and knowledge.

Single men and women will have the desire to experience more emotions in their personal lives, but at this stage they will have to come to terms with the reality that surrounds them.

Boys and girls born under this horoscope sign will have a difficult week emotionally, as they will have to give up some plans, or part with some people without having the desire to do so. During the week, do not worry about new acquaintances, but give them time to develop naturally.

Men will have to take on some responsibilities or take care of a close person. You may need to do some work for him or provide some other important help.

The health of a loved one will be a serious problem that requires special treatment, or more serious care.

During the week you will be talking to people you have not yet met, which will require you to behave in a diplomatic tone and in no case speak to them aggressively or arrogantly.

Women will spend an interesting week, because chances will appear for them from where they don't expect it. They will help to realize old ideas or plans or to finish those that have already started. You will feel protection from many sides, including from people who are not close to you. Disasters will help you make final decisions about closing some relationships or commitments that bother you. Those of you who have a child will have to put more effort into raising him or helping him achieve an important goal.