Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week from March 11 to 17, you will receive important news and information, as well as follow the development of events that will largely determine your future.

Many of you will have concerns about the development of a property or commitment issue due to the delay or postponement of other, miscellaneous actions related to personal or family property.

If you are engaged in any work or business, this week you are not looking for profit at all costs, but rather to have some income to help you have stability.

This week will come with surprises and unexpected events, some of which will be related to the need to meet certain people.

The development of your financial affairs will be unpredictable, but an unpleasant situation or drama is unlikely to arise.

During these seven days, focus on the important things for your home and family. Seek support from your family and relatives.

This will be a favorable week for conversations about past, present or future events in the family. Thus, you will be able to make an important decision that will have a favorable impact on your household affairs.

During this week you will be asked to be more active in your actions, as a lot will depend on you.

Boys and girls would do well to plan their duties at school, university, work and those that are important to the family. Many different events will come to your home and your circle of relatives and your participation in them will be important. During the week, of course you will always find time for friends, but don't let them take away valuable time for you.

Men will have to pay attention to health. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and don't overload yourself with extra tasks. The health of a husband or close friend may also require care or be of concern. Unpleasant news in this regard can seriously disturb you.

Women will have opportunities for important communication with other women in the family, with friends or with those with whom they have common interests and goals. It is likely that there will be meetings or joint actions with women who live relatively close to you. During this week, you will have a clearer idea or make a more serious organization of your plans, the realization of which comes in spring or summer. Maybe it's an emotional experience with someone from your past.


During the week from March 11 to 17, you may experience all kinds of emotions related to a child or a young person in your circle of relatives, which may be caused by their unexpected decisions and actions.

Depending on your age, try to talk patiently and carefully with people younger than you who do not yet have enough life experience. If necessary, give them examples from your own experiences. Avoid imposing your opinion or will.

This is a week to be a mentor or teacher, but only if you have the natural qualities to do so. Otherwise, try not to mess up other people's lives.

During this week, you will experience disappointment from your relative or friend, who will surprise you with his thoughtless action.

During the week, be careful with your financial expenses.

You are definitely in a good position as you will have opportunities for steady income or new opportunities will appear in this regard. However, do not allow yourself to act thoughtlessly and do not spend money on things that you do not need at the moment.

You will need to turn your attention to some commitments that you started last week that are still important, waiting for their completion. Some important moments may arise during the week in which you will have to show a certain position on issues related to your family, education or career. For those of you who will have to make important decisions, take enough time to think.

Men will enter into any dispute or conflict with a person who will show extraordinary persistence and stubbornness on the subject on which you have differences. Most likely, this will be a person from your circle of friends, with whom you initially have different views on life. This week can be remembered for at least one new acquaintance with a person with whom you will have common interests in a social or political issue. The week will favor the completion of tasks related to home improvement, repair of electrical appliances, etc.

Women will try with some cunning or manipulative actions to realize their idea or plan. In a way, this will work quite well and successfully, but there are situations where such actions can backfire on you. Your housework this week will be more numerous, which may negatively affect your work outside the home.