Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week from February 12 to 18, you will experience a surprise. Most likely, in this way you will receive useful information that will determine your plans for the near future.

During these seven days, you will have important relationships with people from your circle of colleagues.

You will have to meet certain people or visit institutions to discuss or resolve your financial issues.

You will have a favorable week for resolving misunderstandings regarding money, payments, loans, etc.

The week will be financially stable and you will be able to expect specific, financial income.

The week will be more emotional in your relationship with a person who will have the desire to dominate, to determine the actions of the people around him.

If you are the parents of grown children, you will have commitments with them related to housing, buying a new car, etc.

You can be generous this week, but stay reasonable. Hasty emotional actions will cause you problems in the coming weeks.

You will have a favorable time for love and romantic experiences, as long as you are not capricious and do not manipulate your partner for things he does not like.

For some of you, the week brings an experience related to an unpleasant incident or you will witness one.

You are likely to be heavily influenced in your actions and decisions by the people you work with.

Boys and girls will change their plans and intentions as a result of the different news you will receive during the week.

Sometimes you may have an inexplicable fear or worry about the unknown in front of you, but you will find enough strength or reason to calm yourself down.

During the week, a conversation or a related experience with a friend will please you.

Men will be irritated by the behavior of a woman, who during this week will want to be the center of attention or will want others to follow only her wishes. You will look for a way with cunning or some kind of manipulation to get rid of this behavior of hers. It is possible that you are called somewhere urgently and the reason may turn out to be insignificant. There will be many provocations this week for your patience. Angry reactions from your side are not excluded.

Women will have to balance their professional and domestic duties well, because in both areas you will have many duties and responsibilities. Attention will be required when working with money, for those of you who work in a bank, financial institution, accounting, cash register, etc. During the week, you will be required to plan a new, more practical family budget due to increased expenses.


During the week from February 12 to 18, it will be good to focus on doing your family and household tasks correctly.

Regardless of your age, many of your relatives will rely on your help during these seven days.

This will be a favorable week for engagement, marriage or the organization of another important family event for those of you who have similar plans.

During these seven days you will have to make important decisions regarding the future of your relatives.

These decisions may relate to their residence, medical therapy and other specific actions and situations.

This will be a favorable week for the development of a court case related to divorce, some kind of separation or the resolution of other interpersonal relationships.

During these seven days you will often feel that you are favored by fate in some way, that you are lucky, but this should not make you arrogant or hurt others with inappropriate comments or sarcastic remarks.

People with whom you have family relations or an old friendship will play an important and positive role in your life during the week.

During the week, an unexpected concern regarding money or a financial document may arise.

Different surprises can await boys and girls this week. Sometimes you will enjoy them, sometimes you will need time to understand if they are for your good or not. Overall, this will be one of your strong times of the year where nothing will come for free, but all your efforts and hard work will be appreciated and rewarded accordingly. During this week, some of you will have to make an important decision regarding the future: a new form of education, training, career, specialization, retraining, etc.

Men will be successful if they plan a trip for business or family reasons. You can travel to settle some document or contract and you can also receive an invitation to visit someone. Your relationships with men, especially those who live at a distance from you, will be important and interesting. You will have topics to discuss, planning different activities.

Women will face problems that you yourself have caused by your behavior in recent weeks. Inside, you may have regretted your words or actions, but the echo of all this will only now be felt for real. Some of you will be surprised by unpleasant news related to a person from the past. This week will be marked by events that carry different, sometimes contradictory messages and this may cause some confusion or anxiety in you.