Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week from February 5 to 11, you will have many emotions, sentimental or romantic experiences.

During the week you will have various conversations, exchange of correspondence, through which you will receive useful and important information.

Mostly these events will have a connection with people who live in another settlement.

A document, contract confirmation or proposal you've been waiting for is likely to be delayed this week.

This may be cause for concern because you will want to make an important decision during these seven days.

These events will play out in your favor and in your interest, so be patient.

During the week, you have an important conversation, personal or business, with a person from another city or country.

You will need to plan or attend a gathering of a family nature.

During this week, some of you will lay the foundations of a new love affair. This relationship will definitely be with a person who does not meet your ideals.

During this week, your contacts with women will be important to your success.

Let the boys and girls think about how they can best take advantage of some new and interesting situations and opportunities in their lives. They can affect your education.

Be the bold builder of your life!

Men will feel overwhelmed by many duties and responsibilities.

Various financial issues can further destabilize your security and stability.

This cannot but affect your relationships both in the family and in the environment where you work or with the people you are in contact with every day.

You may be provoked by the comments or remarks of others.

Women will have a more favorable week than men, but this does not mean that you should not be careful, organized and honest in your actions.

This week brings interesting meetings related to friends.

Expect the successful implementation of your plans, as well as some unexpected experiences.


During the week from February 5 to 11, you will be able to stabilize emotionally in matters related to your home or your family relationships. One of the reasons for this may be an important event at home.

This will be a favorable week for solving domestic problems. During this week, you will have some expectations related to various documents or contractual relations with the government, banks, or other institutions.

During the week, various circumstances will favor the development of your plans and even provide you with comfort and success.

Java heralds news or important events related to a person from a close distance.

Some of the clouds during these seven days will be related to the health problems of a person you know and lives near you. Most likely, these problems have started for several weeks and will require more serious treatment and care.

Boys and girls will start the week with high hopes, disappointed by promises or driven by the desire for things to happen exactly as they want. There is a lot to learn from life and this week will be a very clear example of that.

Men will have to accept that sometimes they have to give way to a character stronger than them, especially when it comes to women. Your patience will often be tested by completely unknown people with whom you will have some contact during these seven days.

Women will look for a way or an occasion to talk with a close man about a topic important to the family. Your contacts and social engagements will be more numerous this week. Do not neglect your friendships despite the great commitment, or the fatigue accumulated during these days.