Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will be focused on your professional commitments and obligations, which will undergo some important changes.

You can welcome new people to your work team, find new clients or meet new people who are useful for your work.

You will have good professional relationships with the women you work with or who are your clients, partners, etc.

During this week, concerns may arise about the health of a loved one, but they do not present any complications.

In love, a problem will bother you, because of which you will meet someone to ask for an explanation or additional information.

During these seven days, you should avoid family conflicts and marital relations, as they can have an unpleasant development and provoke one of the partners to make a difficult decision.

If you're traveling long distances this week, be prepared for any eventuality. Do not burden yourself with any preconceived ideas about the purpose for which you will travel.

Boys and girls can be put at a crossroads, in a situation where they will have to make decisions about where to continue and with whom. Java will ask you to think and act quickly, wisely, with a clear vision of the future development of each of your decisions. During this week your loved ones will need you more and it will be good if you give them the necessary help and attention. Many will remember this week with an important family event that will take place in your home or in the home of your relatives.

Men will have reason to enjoy their achievements, the results achieved in any activity, the completion of a difficult task and other actions that will make you proud of yourself. During this week it will be important to be patient when talking to a woman who may speak too emotionally, too aggressively or show too many whims. All in all, you have seven successful days ahead of you.

Women will help someone who may have family, health or professional problems. You yourself will change your plans for this week several times, adapting to the new circumstances that will arise during these seven days. During the week you will be surprised by news related to a big change in the life of a woman you know personally. Those of you involved in a court or legal matter this week may experience a different turn and outcome.

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During the week of July 8 - 14, you will experience various concerns related to your work or personal life.

You may place much more importance on your fears or experiences. In this way, you yourself will create emotional distress for the people around you.

During this week you will have to take care of your physical form or the health of a relative.

During this week you will experience a number of expected and unexpected events related to travel. It is possible to welcome guests from another country, as well as travel yourself to visit the home of relatives or friends.

This week brings you more conversations or messages with people near and far.

Your personal or professional contacts abroad or with foreigners will have a good development.

There will be some interesting moments in your personal relationships, but avoid being the epicenter this week. During these seven days, it will be good to let others direct your relationships. This is especially true for love relationships.

New acquaintances with people from far away will have an interesting and sometimes unexpected development.

An event with a girl or a woman will manage to surprise you.

Boys and girls will go through a week of important decisions, changes, exams or presentations and will move to another country. Everything that is important to you and related to some kind of change will have the opportunity to come true this week. During these seven days, avoid dangerous actions that can throw you in a completely different direction of development or standing still count.

Men will have various agreements or engagements with friends or acquaintances. It is possible that someone in your circle has a health problem or another complex issue in their life for which they will need your advice, help or support. However, financial actions with such people will require caution, which may develop unfavorably for you and you may experience some losses or difficulties of a monetary nature.

Women will be emotionally unstable, or burden themselves with excessive expectations in relationships related to a man, mostly of a personal or emotional nature. Disputes, confrontations or disappointments with a romantic partner are possible. The good thing is that you will be able to get out of such a situation very quickly or recover relatively quickly after such experiences.