Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of July 1 - 7, you will be asked to deal wisely with controversial or conflicting situations that have already arisen. Family trips this week will be more complicated and filled with tension.

During this week you will have to look at your past plans, ideas or relationships, which will now have the opportunity to develop. During this week, you will see much more clearly the possibility that they will bring you any benefits or pleasant experiences.

Projects in which you were engaged some time ago, but which suffered failure or loss, will now have a favorable time for development, progress and success. If you have persevered and kept what you have achieved, now you will easily have the opportunity to continue with these plans of yours.

The week as a whole will be favorable for solving problems or relationships that cause you concern and anxiety. It is possible that during these seven days you will realize that you have exaggerated a situation that is actually not that dramatic at all.

During these seven days, news or a phone call may upset or disappoint you.

Some of you will have to postpone a trip or make a change in plans related to travel, private car, etc.

Many will wait for a meeting or an event related to a loved one.

Boys and girls will have to look for new ways to deal with old problems. In most cases, they will relate to the relationships you have with friends, peers or colleagues. Difficult successes this week will teach you at least one life lesson. The more emotional of you will be offended or cry easily. Meetings or gatherings during these seven days are not excluded, but most of them will be obligatory or will not give you much pleasure.

Men will have to focus mainly on their professional duties, as there may be changes, start a new activity or project, work with new clients or new colleagues, etc. Professionally, a man will have a very strong influence on you.

Women will show this week an unusual impatience, which can be expressed from time to time with nervousness, pressure on others and similar actions can cause a reciprocal negative reaction in those around you. The conflicts that will arise during these seven days and that will be related to your property or material interests will be very emotional and stormy.

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During the week of July 1 - 7, your family will have conversations about professional or business issues that concern you or someone close to you.

During this week, you will find it difficult to realize your plans related to various repairs or improvements at home.

During these seven days, various meetings or visits of people to your home will affect you emotionally as a burden or stress. This can put you in a delicate situation if you let your emotions control your mind.

During this week you will consider some future purchases for you or your home and you will try to plan the budget well to avoid possible difficulties.

During this month, many will make a big change in their plans due to new circumstances that will arise in life or in the place where they live.

Boys and girls will spend a week communicating with friends and relatives. You will be able to get a lot of interesting knowledge or information from the people you study or work with. It will not prevent you from listening to the advice of someone who will try to guide you or help you in something. Use this week to plan for the future.

Men will be much more restless during these seven days, which will reflect their patience and ability to listen carefully to what other people want to tell them. Unpleasant displays of jealousy or the desire to impose one's will on a romantic or marital partner are not excluded. During this week, you may meet people who will irritate or provoke you with their behavior. You will very easily get into various unpleasant situations during this week, for which you should be very careful from the first days, so as not to cause such unwanted moments in your life.

Women will expect to see real results from their actions of the previous week or two. You may have specific expectations for a conversation, meeting, or general activity with other people. It is possible that someone relies on you to solve a personal problem or another life situation. During this week you will be much more involved with your family or relatives. This will be a favorable week for organizing or participating in a family gathering, engagement or wedding.