Dashi javor horoscope - Demi

Dashi javor horoscope - Demi


During the week of March 18 to 24, you will be given the opportunity to show your skills, with which you will achieve better results in the work or business you are engaged with.

This will be a favorable week to engage in new things, to start a new activity or for other changes in your work.

During these seven days, do not give yourself unrealistic hopes for matters related to the financial side, as you may experience unpleasant disappointment. Accept facts and events as they are, enjoy what you have and avoid illusions.

During this week, you will expect a meeting or conversations in your family that will be related to joint plans or actions in the near future.

During this week you will experience an unpleasant conflict with a man who is from your family or circle of relatives. It is possible that the reason for this is a situation in the house where you live.

Boys and girls will spend a week where they will participate in meetings, gatherings or various public events. Your presentation to them will be important to you as you build the image you want for yourself. A very interesting and successful week awaits you and I hope you are ready to give your best to perform well and realize yourself successfully. Your new acquaintances, as well as some complicated relationships with people you already know, will require attention.

Men will have luck this week, which will appear through various offers, new opportunities, new acquaintances or other unexpected situations. In fact, moments of surprise this week can create all kinds of interesting situations that will thrill you with the little miracles they bring. However, conflicts that will also arise unexpectedly and may put you in a difficult situation will require attention.

Women will be more mothers than good wives during these seven days. Various events related to your child will require your attention. The dynamics of the week will require making quick decisions and the right behavior when you have to communicate with other people. Short trips, mainly for family reasons, are possible.


During the week you will have different experiences and emotions related to a baby, a child or a young person.

Any experience related to pregnancy, childbirth or any other important event of a similar nature is possible.

It is likely that this event will affect relatives, friends or people with whom you communicate often.

During this week, you will be pleased with a conversation or a proposal from a person who may be a colleague, client, manager or other public figure.

The information this person will give you can help you develop your important plans and goals.

Family financial issues during the week will have a good development. You will be able to stabilize your family budget, receive money and pay off other financial commitments.

Boys and girls will spend more time at home, alone. Then you will suddenly want to be with friends or among many people. During this week, you will have to go somewhere as a guest or attend some kind of gathering.

Men will have romantic tendencies, with the desire to change something in their personal life, or to experience something that they missed some time ago for various reasons. Your actions with money will play an important role in your daily affairs. During the week you will have a conversation with a man who, intentionally or not, will give you an idea or valuable information for you.

Women will look less seriously at the problems in their lives, thinking that they will pass by themselves. This can work, but be careful not to underestimate the importance of any event or situation in your life. Some of your mood breaks will be precisely because of such behavior on your part. During the week, expect news, letters or important messages.