Dashi javor horoscope - Demi

Dashi javor horoscope - Demi


During the week from March 11 to 17, you will have useful conversations with a close person regarding various situations or plans related to your life or his.

It is possible that this week you will have to visit a financial institution: bank, insurance company.

During these seven days, learn to carefully select the information that comes to you.

In the public space, there will be many manipulation attempts through various fake news or claims that can lead to confusion or misevaluation of current events: personal, public, political or world.

During this week, avoid making decisions if you do not have inner conviction that they are the right ones for you. Seek advice when needed from people you trust completely.

During the week, some of you will have to be away from work or adjust to changes related to professional duties or responsibilities.

During these seven days you will worry about the health of your friend, colleague or neighbor and it is unlikely that any fatal worsening of the problem will occur.

Boys and girls will be mentally and emotionally burdened with trouble they themselves have caused by their unreasonable or tactless behavior at home, at school, or at work. You will face quite unpleasant consequences for you. During this week, take good care of your physical form and do not underestimate the importance of a cold or injury. In general, the week will develop harmoniously and favorably for you in terms of fulfilling your obligations.

Men will engage in an unpleasant task. It could be about solving a problem for another family member or relative. In general, the week will develop according to the expectations and plans you have for this period of time.

Women will be anxious, especially when making important decisions that involve complex or difficult changes. During these seven days, you can communicate with your relatives, from whom you will ask for advice on a certain situation. The week will be remembered with an emotional event. Your financial affairs will develop normally and some favorable situations or changes are possible in this regard.


During the week, you will find it difficult to communicate with people with whom you have professional contacts. The good thing is that you will find help and support in front of a person who knows these people well.

Your pessimistic mood will pass quickly. It will be important to remove such negative influences in time. Don't allow yourself to get depressed because there is no real reason for it except your emotions or fear.

During the week, tension will arise around a trip and most likely with the people you will travel with or for. Avoid arguments with traffic police or other authorities.

This week will be remembered with several meetings and conversations that bring important changes in your life. Be patient, their development is coming.

Boys and girls will be fascinated or excited by a new idea, suggestion or invitation. Take your time, give yourself time to consider these things wisely and wisely. The more maturity you show in your actions, the faster and more you can achieve. During the week, do not underestimate the words of a close woman who will try to give you good advice. Maybe she doesn't do it in the best way, but you probably know her character well. The week can be remembered with a pleasant purchase for you.

Men will need help with important documents, contracts. Ask for advice or guidance if you feel any uncertainty. You will have many events and experiences this week, but they will almost imperceptibly affect your main plans and commitments. This will be a favorable week for travel and an unexpected reason for such may arise.

Women will spend a week in which you will find more clarity on matters important to your family or career. You will have to talk to a man, ask for information, ask questions. Where you feel insecurity, insincerity, fear - then you really need to pay more attention and control everything or everyone.