Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week from February 5 to 11, you will hardly be surprised by the development of events and you will also be well prepared for situations that may arise.

You may be surprised by a conversation or behavior of a close person, but the probability of having an honest conversation about these things is minimal.

This week you will have the opportunity to complete some old repairs in your home or replace damaged items with new ones.

During these seven days, it will be important for you to ensure above all comfort inside your home, regardless of the price you have to pay for it. In fact, hardly anything will arise that is beyond your control or that you cannot pay.

There will be changes regarding your travel plans. These changes are not about any drama and you will definitely get over them easily, or you will quickly see the positive side of them.

During the week, events related to foreign people, of a different nationality or religion will have an impact on your life.

This week will be favorable for your professional plans and aspirations. Opportunities will arise for new engagement, new clients or a new contract.

Boys and girls will try to secure enough funds to renew some clothes in their wardrobe, to refresh their appearance and to look more attractive in the environment where they study or work. In fact, a more modest behavior will make you much more beautiful and visible than the strange and inexplicable pursuit of misunderstood fashion trends. Try to maintain harmony in your home and avoid stubbornness.

Men must be willing to accept a large volume of information about important matters, about the family, or your work. You will have to communicate much more with people from your immediate environment or with those who live at a distance from you. You will have a favorable time to resolve various contractual relationships or financial agreements. The week will be dynamic, with fast-paced events and experiences.

Women will also spend seven interesting days. The ideas or support you will receive from close people will be very useful for you. If you are involved in any court or legal matter, you can expect a good development or a favorable conclusion. Your relationship with a man (relative, friend, colleague) will require you to make an important decision.


During the week of February 5 to 11, you will enjoy travel experiences or news you will receive.

This week will generally favor trips related to your work, starting a new life in another city or country.

Romantic relationships with a partner who lives at a distance from you will also have a good development.

During this week, you will have the opportunity to clarify your biggest problems or concerns, but in no case will this happen without your participation. Plan, think and act - these should be your words during these seven days.

Listen to the advice of others and make your own decisions.

During the week, your financial matters will require attention. Be careful what documents you sign or what loan you take. It is possible that someone will deceive you on purpose, or you yourself will be deceived due to haste in your actions.

During these seven days, problems may arise in your work related to payment. In general, be very focused when performing daily tasks, whether related to your home, family or work.

Boys and girls will have to be very careful about their personal health condition, dress well according to the season and weather conditions. Avoid gathering with many people in one place. During the week, problems or some kind of difficulty with your personal things may appear. Good mood and pleasant emotions will prevail in your personal relationships.

Men will be emotionally confused. An unplanned engagement at some point can make you nervous and can provoke you to be rude to others.

Women will be insecure, anxious, distrustful of other people's words and actions. This can cause a number of situations, in most cases unpleasant. Your mind will move between the past, present and future, searching for answers to various questions.