Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week of July 8 - 14, you may be surprised by luck or a chance related to something that will be important for your development.

The surprise will definitely be pleasant, especially if you are willing to take advantage of this new opportunity.

This week brings the opportunity to restore forgotten acquaintances or broken relationships.

In general, now many separated families will have the opportunity to unite.

The week will be favorable for the development of financial matters, the development of which started a week or two ago.

An offer of additional income may arise, most likely from people with whom you work together or have some common interests.

An event in the life of a loved one will be the reason for phone conversations with friends or relatives.

Your love life will require you to make some decisions or make a special agreement with your partner.

Boys and girls will also need to act with more caution and maturity for their age this week. Childish whims and behaviors must be resolved. Successes are not excluded, but losses and failures are also possible. Everything will depend on your ability to act with reason and purpose during these seven days.

Men will have more professional duties. For you this will be a week in which you will manage to improve your income, or stabilize yourself financially. The week brings you different, favorable situations and opportunities.

Women will tend this week to wait and carefully monitor a decision or action of the people around them, before reacting or taking any concrete action. This week will be favorable for travel, visiting interesting places, traveling abroad or meeting friends who live far away from you.

The crab

During the week of July 8 - 14, you will tend to experience various events in your family much more emotionally. They can be related to a surprise, unexpected guests or a long-awaited proposal, a personal celebration.

This will be a week in which you will put an end to a development process and lay the foundations for a new beginning.

The week may also bring you some negative experiences, perhaps related to unpleasant news about a person you know.

The week will be favorable for commitment and development of judicial or legal cases.

During this seven-day period, you can boldly plan, draw and organize things related to your plans for the future.

People from your circle of colleagues or like-minded people will play an important role in your life.

During the week, do not ignore the chances or offers you will receive, no matter where they come from.

Conflicts will have to be overcome with reasonable words and arguments.

Don't let your emotions get lost with different, vague explanations or accusations.

During this week there is a risk of forgetting or losing personal items, a document or information.

Many will have occasion for joy and pleasant experiences in love or in their intimate life.

Boys and girls will have a favorable time for travel, but you will still need good preparation and security, both in the means of transport you will use and in the places you plan to go. Some of you will be happy with a gift or purchase that will come from a distance: by post or courier. This week will definitely be more positive and pleasant for you than the previous one, with a more optimistic view of your future, with the appearance of interesting opportunities, etc.

Men will have to communicate during the week with unfamiliar or complicated people.

Women will enter the new week with certain expectations, ideas or plans and will initially focus attention only on their implementation. This week you will be much more aggressive in realizing your desires in your love life, personal and family life. The week can be remembered with an experience related to a woman who is your relative or friend.