Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week of July 1 - 7, you will have to resolve a situation related to a lie or an action, wrong decision, something you forgot to do some time ago.

Such a situation will not be pleasant, but postponing it does not bring anything better.

During this week you will have to resolve unfulfilled commitments and tasks and during these seven days you will be more inclined to organize your work.

The week brings luck in fulfilling commitments. During this week you will experience some pleasant and special events in your home.

In general, this week the influence of men in your personal or professional life will be good and constructive for you.

During these seven days, you will have more contact with friends from near and far, exchange interesting information and plan future meetings or gatherings.

Boys and girls will face some more serious troubles during these seven days. They can be solved very quickly, but they can also drag on over time if you decide to deal with them hastily and without much thought. In fact, their nature will require wiser behavior on your part, and perhaps help from a loved one. Relying on reasonable, wise and practical actions and decisions, you will have the opportunity to spend an interesting week in your life with luck and success.

Men may have different health problems or concerns related to different events in your personal or professional life. More serious domestic problems or problems with equipment, personal car and others are not excluded. Many people from your close circle of relatives will rely on you this week and this can sometimes weigh you down even more.

Women, in their desire to achieve more and faster, can not only create tension around themselves, but also act provocatively, sometimes rudely or very emotionally towards other people. The week can be remembered with an event or experience related to people in your family.

The crab

During the week of July 1 - 7, you will have a favorable time to focus your attention and energy on your professional development, at work or in business. This is a time to grow in your career.

Expect interesting or useful information from a person you work with.

During this week, getting involved in an intrigue or spreading false information can discredit you in front of important people. The natural development of this situation may lead to the termination of these relations.

Be careful and verify any information you receive from friends, neighbors or acquaintances.

In general, this week will be constructive and successful for you, especially if you focus on harmonious relationships with the people around you and on the strict fulfillment of your responsibilities.

Tact and diplomacy will help you overcome any complicated situation or unexpected misunderstanding.

During this week, some of you will face troubles caused by your character and mentality.

During these seven days, you will have an important conversation or meeting with someone from whom you will expect support or help for an important plan, goal or undertaking.

Boys and girls will have to seek advice or help from a parent or a loyal friend to solve the problems that have arisen. This will be a very stressful week, because you will have to face unpleasant things more often, communicate with unpleasant people, and you will find it difficult to maintain a good and positive mood.

Men will have an important commitment that can be family, professional or business. You will definitely have more luck and chances this week. Whether you will benefit from them and how good results you can achieve will depend on your activity and preparation for the corresponding actions. Many will remember this week with an unexpected experience related to a child or young person.

Women will spend a week with important commitments and decisions regarding current or future changes in your life. Those of you who will be involved in a court or legal case will be able to speed up its development. During these seven days, various important news await you, exchange of useful information with people from near and far, as well as proposals that will bring new things to your daily personal or professional life.