Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week you will have a favorable time to solve problems from your past related to work, family or personal relationships.

During these seven days, it will be important to achieve not only what you want, but to harmonize contradictions and create a more comfortable living environment in your home.

During the week there will be an opportunity to rekindle an old love and this should in no case be a goal in itself, but experienced where things happen naturally.

Pushing or provoking events on your part is unlikely to help, and the effect can be completely opposite.

During this week, it will be good to clean your house of broken or unnecessary items, regardless of what sentimental value they have for you.

At the same time, protect your personal belongings from theft, loss due to carelessness and other similar incidents.

This week will delight many people with news or events related to the birth of a child, an important event in the life of a small child.

This is a week where different people will have a special mission in your life.

Boys and girls will have to unemotionally seek a truce or get out of some unpleasant situation. You are ready to show skills that you don't need very often: patience, diplomacy, tact, humility. The week brings unpleasant news or disappointment regarding a boy or a young man, whom you most likely know personally.

Men will encounter well-organized lies, attempts to deceive, use or abuse. Your relationships with men should not be built this week only on the basis of common interests, but also on trust, which has already been tested by time. During the week, important news awaits you from different distances that will be important or useful for you.

Women will have to face their problems and fears. You are ready to make a real assessment of the position, the state in which you are at the moment. Your expectations for this week regarding engagements with other women will come true. There will be no shortage of surprises during these seven days, but they will only help you realize your expectations and hopes.

The crab

During the week you will experience an important event related to a loved one or you will travel (albeit a short distance) for family reasons.

It is possible that you have a close person who lives some distance away from you, and whom you currently miss, or for whom you are worried about the unusual circumstances of his life.

During this week, every action will require attention, however insignificant it may seem at first glance.

A small mistake or omission can cause an avalanche of unpleasant events, conflicts and even some kind of loss.

This will greatly affect your financial affairs, but not only them.

During the week, avoid putting your family to the test, because the tension that each family member is currently in can cause an unwanted development and reversal of your relationship.

This is especially true if there are secrets in your family, or topics that no one likes to talk about or deliberately avoids.

Week will favor working with documents, signing contracts or agreements related to your material or property, personal or business interests.

Boys and girls will have different occasions of joy, entertainment, for a more optimistic view of the future, or new development ideas. Unpleasant news related to a person you know may come to you unexpectedly. Do not let various news, rather gossip, affect important relationships with friends.

Men will have to slow down their development or work a little and focus more carefully on some problems, both at home and at work. Think and look for a way out of every such situation. Don't put things off for another day, for another week, and don't wait for the miracle to happen in your life. You will have enough luck, energy and resources to arrange life and harmonize important relationships.

Women will go through a series of complex, emotional situations with a man who may be a relative, a friend or someone you work with. This will be a favorable week for travel, for creating or developing important contacts for you. In the financial plan, there may be revival, you may have better income, or achieve better financial results.