Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week of March 18 to 24, life may offer you an interesting opportunity for new or additional work, in some cases related to travel or relocation, communication with more people or online engagement.

It is possible that this week you will travel more often for some tasks that you need to complete.

In general, the week brings greater dynamics in your daily life regarding various contacts, with people or institutions from near and far.

During this week you will expect a conversation or an event in your love life that you believe will determine your future in some way. There is a chance that things will go as you expect, but there is also a chance that you will be surprised.

During these seven days you will monitor the health of a relative or friend.

This week will be tricky if you plan to organize any family events or gatherings, as you will find it difficult to get everyone together or other unforeseen circumstances will arise.

This will be an unfavorable week for marriage, as it predicts a short-term commitment.

Boys and girls will have different occasions to go out. Your mood will be positive during these seven days and love will also be an occasion for a special emotion. At home, try to avoid confrontation with other family members. You will have more important tasks ahead.

Men will have to help a friend, or find time for private conversations with friends. During this week, some of them will have a great need to talk to someone, to share their problems and plans. The week will surprise you with some unexpected events and experiences. Some of these surprises will involve people in your family.

Women will experience difficulties related to different emotions. You will be tormented by some doubts that you will have, but you will not find any evidence for them. Some experiences during the week you will tend to accept as loss or failure, but this too will be greatly exaggerated as an emotion. Where you need to be careful is your financial affairs and relationships.

The crab

During the week from March 18 to 24, a series of experiences in love or in the family await you. Some of them will manage to surprise you.

This week brings unexpected news about an engagement or marriage. During the week you will have important and useful conversations with a person from your circle of friends.

This will be a favorable week to create new social, political or business relationships with a person who has already established a good reputation in these areas.

Getting involved in a conflict (intentionally or not) will provoke a series of rumors or unpleasant comments about you. At some point, you may be surprised by the situation into which you have allowed yourself to be drawn, no matter how careful you have been with such relationships.

Be fair and honest in financial matters, don't take or give something you don't deserve.

There will be misunderstandings, or a controversial situation of a financial nature with a person outside your home.

Boys and girls will be torn between what they want and what they should do. You will be faced with difficult decisions and many of you will look for ways to escape from them. By seeking comfort for yourself, you will essentially create chaos in your life. Some unpleasant experiences are also possible in love.

Men will have to accept some losses or setbacks. It may not be your fault, but the experience will be on you. At least you will know from now on who you can trust and if you can trust anyone. Several events this week will show you that even in your close associations, you will have to set limits on what you share and what you rely on each other for.

Women will do their part to take care of a beloved man or perform tasks that are important to them, related to him or dependent on him. The health of a loved one may cause concern, but this is a sign of some serious changes in lifestyle, diet, etc. Whether you can influence that person to take better care of themselves is another matter.