Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week of March 11 to 17, you will leave or break up with someone you had a good opinion of. This week, this person will react or act inexplicably towards you, doing things that are contrary to your understanding. You can decide to talk to this person to find out the truth about their behavior, or you can simply walk away or end the relationship.

This week will require a more responsible attitude towards your health, although there is no specific reason for panic. It would be good to avoid stressful and conflicting situations that will affect you negatively and may cause problems with blood pressure, migraines, insomnia and others.

During the week you will be invited to a meeting or gathering with friends, but for some reason you will not be in a hurry to give your answer. You may also have other commitments and worry about taking on more responsibilities than you can handle. However, it is possible that the reason is completely different and has to do with your emotions and feelings.

During this week, there will be tension for equipment or goods in your workplace, which will be the cause of conflicts with colleagues or customers. Maybe there is a better way to solve this particular problem and I hope you find it.

Boys and girls will have the opportunity to choose between having a good time with friends or peers and, on the other hand, making the most of these seven days for hard work related to a project or study. It would be good if you find a balance between the two options, because you will need both. During this week you can solve some important issues related to a document, contract or any agreement. Remember, these seven days can be a very successful and constructive time for you.

Men will have to take a commitment or work with a woman more seriously, regardless of what your relationship with her is based on. Various events will provoke new ideas in you, but think carefully about every single, even small, change in your life. News or failures that will affect you in some way can make you sad or cause disappointment.

Women will move slowly this week. The reasons will be different, but you will definitely not be in a hurry. Now you need more peace and security. Your expectations that can bring trouble in your life are likely to turn out to be delusional.

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During the week from March 11 to 17, it will be good to show more care when you have to deal with financial matters with friends, regardless of what the specific situation will be. A small mistake, omission or misunderstanding can provoke an unpleasant situation that will negatively affect your relationship.

During the week, thoughtless words or actions of a loved one will disappoint you and may even make you feel offended.

It will be very important for you this week to avoid clarifying your relationships with people with whom you have problems or old disagreements.

Most likely, your emotional reactions or their words will only worsen the situation between you.

A loss or failure that your relative or friend will experience will make him angry and look for the culprit around him. In fact, it will be entirely his or her fault.

During this week, many will plan a trip, which will be accomplished by overcoming some complicated situations or difficulties, but overall there will be a good development for you.

Boys and girls will have to focus their attention mainly on their tasks. Some important moments are ahead of you such as gaining new knowledge, searching and finding new solutions to old problems or complex situations. Important conversations are coming up in your family regarding family income and upcoming urgent expenses.

Men will have to spend these seven days with more attention and patience for their daily affairs. Some events will have a slow development, some tasks will be difficult to complete and this can be called a week of stagnation for you to some extent. Problems, where they arise, will be due to a misjudgment of the specific situation, being misled by false information or an incorrect source, etc. The good thing is that you have the skills to get out of any situation.

Women will like to meet relatives, friends or acquaintances with whom they will have something to talk about. During the week, your communication with different and pleasant people will give you a lot of energy. You will go through a stressful situation, but you will quickly find a way out of it. You have already experienced a similar situation in your past and learned the lesson.