Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week of February 5-11, you will spend time looking for additional information to help you find the best solution to problems or concerns you have had in recent weeks.

During these seven days, you will be pleased with news about the recovery of your relative or friend after a period of treatment for a serious illness.

During the week, many of you will have a commitment regarding a meeting for an important occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding and others.

A decision or change in the life of a close woman will surprise you. These actions of hers will not be bad in any case. You will be delighted by her determination and ambition to achieve something that is really good for her.

During this week, be careful when making plans related to your family or relatives, as others may have their own plans. Thus, there may be a mismatch between your expectations and theirs, which will cause disappointment, contradiction and even conflict.

This will be an unfavorable week for marriage.

A tense week is ahead for boys and girls, in which arguments and unpleasant conflicts can easily arise. You will probably find a diplomatic way out of them, but every situation like this should teach you something. During these seven days, you will have serious conversations and make important decisions that will require you to think wisely and wisely, regardless of your age.

Men will go through moments of uncertainty, sometimes stagnation or waiting for certain events to develop in the direction you want. Sometimes luck will be on your side, but you should not rely on it alone. Good development can have your actions related to various documents, contracts, financial relationships and receiving money.

Women will have some good chances to show their skills. You will tend to search for and receive any kind of information and later sort it by relevance. During the week, problems in the life of a person from your family or close friends can weigh you down emotionally.

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During the week, you will most likely let different emotions rule your daily life. Be very careful in your words and decisions, as you yourself may cause an unwanted loss, or lose something for which you will not forgive yourself later.

During this week, you will learn unpleasant news, which will nevertheless bring you some benefit or open an opportunity to implement a plan or idea.

During the week you will make a serious, cardinal decision for your life, which will turn out to be successful, despite the great risk associated with it.

If you are parents, during this week you will experience different emotions about your children, who will show you new skills or knowledge, who will achieve success, or who will make important and correct decisions for their future .

The week will be favorable for love and romantic experiences, but rather it will be about the relationships that will be created during these seven days.

Boys and girls will have something to wonder about during these seven days. Be careful that this does not happen during an exam or when you are engaged in responsible work. Try to make the most of every unexpected situation. Make plans for your future, but not just as dreams, but actually act on them. This is a powerful and constructive time for you that you should not miss.

Men will have to struggle more seriously with some sad states associated with past events and experiences. Your relationships with men will be delicate.

Women are in danger of losing an opportunity or something that is valuable to them.