The love horoscope for 2022 came out. Who will be lucky?

The love horoscope for 2022 came out. Who will be lucky?

Get ready to take great lessons in the romance department! Your love horoscope for 2022 has come out. Read the forecast sign by sign.


You are ready to give up your old beliefs about partnerships and this will happen this year. By the time Venus enters your sign in early May, you will be ready to embark on a romance.


The beginning of the year will make you feel a little weird, but things will improve. They will even become so exciting! For you, the climax in the romantic aspect will reach between May 28 and June 22. If you dare, this will be a good time to try some weird things in the bedroom, or, or connect with someone who is not your type.


Next year will be busy for you in your career, so make sure you leave room for romance as well to maintain a healthy balance. The best time of year for you will be between June 23rd and July 17th, making these days ideal for vacationing either alone or with the other half. Then, starting October 30, you can get involved in a serious drama in your relationship. Choose romantic trials wisely!


You like a good Crab romance, and in 2022, you will focus on these love affairs! Venus retrograde in January will make you reconsider your approach to partnership, so do not shy away. By the time November comes, get ready to release all the deep-seated fears and insecurities.


If relationships have been difficult, this trend continues into 2022. Good relationships require effort, so do not be lazy to act. If a relationship seems suffocating to you, it may be best not to go any further. The month of March can serve to understand what you really want. If not in the summer, autumn will definitely bring happiness or a new man into your life.


Love looks sweet to you this year, dear Virgo. Mark the week of April 12 on your calendar as a fantastic time when your relationship will move to another level. On March 6 you can experience something special as well. You are a worker bee, but next year, you will benefit more from life when you spend more time on romance, bonding and fun!


You will start the year with dear Libra intensity. Changes in your relationship can take a lot of energy. The good news is that your efforts will soon be rewarded. The atmosphere around your love life improves between mid-February and then again in early March. However, your best time to fall in love or get engaged to someone new comes in the fall, between September 29th and October 22nd.


Get ready to leave behind everything you know (or think) about love! Old beliefs are available - including those about partnership. One of your focuses for this year is dedication. You are learning how to join someone in a freer and more liberated way. If you are single, you may end up meeting a strange but fascinating man. An important date could be February 17, when the cosmos can put you face to face with your destiny. Will you open the door for him?


You are entering an interesting year when it comes to love. In 2022, your romantic life will be in doubt. Sometimes, you will feel ready to connect with someone, then you will want to be free, go out all the time and flirt!


You start and end the year with Venus, the planet of pleasure and love. Over the next year, focusing on your self-esteem will empower you to pursue the kind of romantic experiences that can transform your life. Things do not always have to be serious as this is not a year to keep the same dating routine. Whether you are single or already have a partner, this is a year to broaden your horizons in romance, dating and sex. Do not hesitate!


Life will move so fast that sometimes you may not even be so interested in dating. From February 1 to April 9, you may feel separated between the current need to be with someone and your side who wants to stay free forever. March and October will be two beautiful months in terms of romance.


Welcome to your year, dear Pisces! In 2022, the stars will shine upon you as both of your planetary rulers - Jupiter and Neptune - will have a rare meeting in your sign on April 12th. If you are single, this may be the time when you will meet someone special. If you have a partner, rebuilding your relationship to another level or expanding your family may be in the plan!