The new moon of October will feel intense for these 4 signs of the Zodiac

The new moon of October will feel intense for these 4 signs of the Zodiac

Libra season is in full force and the zodiac signs are feeling its overloaded energy affecting their relationship. For now, our relationship is in the spotlight and will only focus on the new moon, which will occur on October 6th.

For the zodiac signs most affected by the new October moon, this can mean unpleasant discoveries in the realm of love, work and everyday life.


It is time to control yourself because this new moon brings a lot of work activities that can make you feel stuck. It may be time to make sure things change in your favor, rather than arguing. You have an open door after the new moon to improve your health or find a similar job that does not tire you out.


This new moon is shining a new light in your life, so you feel more sentimental than usual. It may be time to really think about how stable and secure your life as a whole is. It can help you make a shuffle around the house or add new household appliances that help you feel comfortable.


You’ve been very tired lately, Scorpio. This new moon is pushing you to accept all the ways in which you may have failed in your self-care and forcing you to take action. Recharge those internal batteries because this new moon is your only 2021 that has to do with relaxation. This energy has to do with the attitude of being restored, so do not be afraid to take advantage of it.


This new moon is bringing some intense change to you, Pisces, and hidden feelings may arise. You are seeing transformations both spiritually and in your relationships. If things have been off-line, you can fix them for good as this is an open door to change. It can be a good time for you to stay and reflect or practice intimacy with yourself.