The weekend will be romantic for these 3 signs

The weekend will be romantic for these 3 signs

The Moon will be in Sagittarius from today, October 9 to October 12 and for three zodiac signs will bring a romantic adventure.

They will be special days in the romantic aspect especially for: Taurus, Crab and Sagittarius.


You have gone through the ups and downs of being in a relationship. If this time it is about a new romance, then the levels of expectations are set even higher. Do not give in to any obstacles. You will save this exciting and promising relationship for yourself. Do not think about money, but have fun giving your partner the pleasures he wants from life, and yourself as well.


Romance and adventure are what you will experience this week, Crab. You are not asking too much, but make sure you get what you deserve and respect is number one in a relationship. You will feel satisfied with your partner and even surprised by the way he will treat you. This is what you have wanted all along, to feel loved and adored.


You tend to really enjoy October and this season has plans for you ... romantic and adventurous plans. You always need something to look forward to - a trip, a cruise, some kind of escape, whether for a beer or karaoke. You just want to convince yourself that there is fun in your life too. Make good money and want to spend it for fun. These are your days. Romance will be in its best days.