There will be 2 retrograde planets in May, including Mercury

There will be 2 retrograde planets in May, including Mercury
There will be two planetary retrograde in May: Pluto retrograde, which began on April 29, and Mercury's infamous retrograde. But while the term "retrograde" can cause a lot of concern - e.g. relapse into dispute or disagreement between loved ones - the reality is that retrogrades are far more common than you might realize.

Pluto Retrograde (April 29 through October 8)

Pluto retrograde - like the one you are experiencing now - is less visible than Mercury retrograde, but it does mean a review period, so you need to pay attention. Pluto stations are retrograde every year for about six months, so it usually takes a little longer to know how retrograde will affect you.

Mercury retrograde, on the other hand, lasts about three weeks, making the effects much sharper during that period.

Wednesday Retrograd (May 10 through June 3)

Starting in the variable air sign of Gemini and ending in Taurus, Mercury will be inclined to bring active thoughts and ideas to Earth during this period. During the first half of the retrograde, Mercury will rely heavily on Gemini, as this is the sign for mental stimulation and communication. But in retrograde, you are likely to notice a difficulty in effectively sharing and implementing these ideas until Mercury returns to the stable Taurus sign on May 22nd. Taurus is definitely a sign that likes to store things, so you will surely notice that things start to slow down once Mercury returns to this sign.