What are the zodiac signs that do not know how to keep their promises

What are the zodiac signs that do not know how to keep their promises

Everyone agrees that it is easier to make promises than to keep them.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to stick to your words and promises when the situation is not in your favor. Therefore, what many end up doing is breaking the promise and moving on. After all, words cost us nothing.

But if you were to think about it, words are definitely the most precious thing that can be possessed.

Here are 3 zodiac signs that are bad at keeping promises.


A Gemini will do their best to keep a promise, but more often than not they will end up breaking it. Not that they do it on purpose, but they just don't have the guts to follow through on a promise. So the next time you share your secrets with a Gemini and ask them to make a promise to keep the secret a secret, prepare for heartbreak.


These people often do not make promises because they know it is difficult for them to fulfill them. However, even when they do, they rarely keep their word. So if the promise, in any way, bothers them or causes them a problem, they will have no shame in breaking it, but also accepting it, at the same time.


Libra, too, is bad at keeping promises. It's hard for them not to share everything with their group, even if you asked them not to. They will remain honest with their relatives, but for the rest they are not ashamed to break promises and break other's trust.