5 horoscope signs that do not forgive any mistakes

5 horoscope signs that do not forgive any mistakes

Stubborn, angry and even vindictive, at least five zodiac signs do not know how to forgive. Some zodiac signs are actually so unforgiving that even a small, innocent mistake can end a relationship with them.

Below are five unforgiving signs.


Among the unforgiving zodiac signs, Capricorn is probably one of the most popular. Forgiveness is not in the hearts of those born under this sign (December 22 - January 20). They have a very persistent and determined personality. When they get angry and shut the door on someone, they do it forever. They do not forget the mistakes of others and can radically change their opinion about the person who has done wrong, with the same determination with which they keep secrets. But they have a kind of delayed eruption. It must be said that in their own way they try to warn others, but when they cross the line of tolerance, there is nothing left to do to apologize.


Passionate and vindictive, it should come as no surprise that Scorpio is among the unforgiving zodiac signs. Those born under the sign of Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) are known for being vindictive and therefore do not even forgive, they can hold grudges and plan revenge for months and years. Being very passionate and loyal, he cannot stand betrayal by the people he loves. If he discovers something he will not know about the reasons of those who lied or deceived him.

The crab

It may come as a surprise to learn that Cancer is also part of this list since among the characteristics of this sign (June 22 - July 22) is sweetness and kindness. Being so soft-hearted, however, does not free them from anger, on the contrary. They can't stand harassment, opaque situations, deception and subjugation, they are people with a lot of intuition, so they tend to quickly discover any deception or lie.


Leos are fiery and proud, born under this sign (July 23 - August 22) let themselves be carried away by anger and lack self-control. Being proud and selfish when they feel deeply hurt they do not forgive. Sometimes and with the help of time they learn to accept what has happened and move on, but the rule is not when they are very hurt.


Aries as a fire sign is also one of the unforgiving signs. People born under this sign (March 21 - April 20) often have explosive characters, are a little inclined to dialogue and listen to the other's reasons. Because of these traits, they are often impulsive and aggressive. If you want to have any chance of forgiveness from Aries, it's best to wait for them to calm down and hope that the resentment subsides.