4 Zodiac Signs That Give The Best Advice

4 Zodiac Signs That Give The Best Advice

When it comes to getting advice, you need to make sure you're going to the right person first and foremost. Some friends are good for dating tips and some are good for knowledge of the best restaurants in town. One thing these counselors might have in common? Their zodiac sign. Below, discover the four zodiac signs that give the best advice — and their specific area of ​​expertise.


A lover of adventure and exploration, your Sagittarius friend will make sure to pick you up when you're on your worst days. Expect these fun signs to give you a pep talk about the importance of a work-life balance when you start getting into the habit of jumping from project to project. But their idea of ​​counseling isn't just about sitting down with you in your living room and talking. Because they're peripatetic by nature, these hyper-energetic fire signs are more likely to take you on a nice hike, take you straight to the top of a mountain, and stress the importance of exercise, fresh air, and exploring. News. Sagittarians are also fiery optimists, so when you start to feel a little down about life.


Listen, we all go through those funky phases where we just don't feel motivated and our ambitions and goals feel a little out of reach. Thankfully, we have these grounded earth signs to give us some perspective. Capricorns are hard workers and thorough communicators, so if you feel like you've been sitting on your small business idea for a while, give your Capricorn friend a call. She'll give you the best advice on how you can take the initiative to get rid of that side hustle.


A master of investigation and interrogation, your Scorpio friend is the best friend to turn to when you need advice on how to deal with a loved one's problems. These water signs will remind you what a powerful and deserving queen you are, while at the same time giving you all their secrets to catching a cheater in the act. But it's not all about revenge and schemes with this mysterious sign. Scorpios are also known to be quite seductive, so if you're feeling a little nervous about a pending first date or need to spice things up in your current relationship, they'll make you feel extra seductive.

The crab

This water sign is known as the mother of the zodiac, and as such, she'll give you some sound advice on just about anything. From boy problems to family issues. Cancers have all bases covered. If you just need someone to vent about a little something, your Cancer friend is there, ready to listen with a keen ear—or at least a warm bowl of chicken soup to soothe you— because they also understand that sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is to let them talk.