4 zodiac signs that have no luck in love

4 zodiac signs that have no luck in love
If your relationship does not last more than a few months and you always wonder what is wrong, it could be because of the stars.

So if you are tired of having a lot of relationships ended, you may not blame yourself next time.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that are more likely to have more failed relationships, according to astrology.


A Crab finds it extremely difficult to maintain a relationship. No matter how hard you try, Crabs always end up with failed relationships. It's not that they do not want to make their connection work, but everything they do is incomplete and flawed.


Virgos, too, can have failed relationships. The reason is that they often seek perfection when it comes to relationships. A mistake and they start to lose interest in the other person. Moreover, they often confuse attraction with love and this is another reason why they do not get along well in the relationship.


Although they always give their best in a relationship, their partner often ends up expecting a lot more. No matter how hard they try, the other person never gets enough and prefers to leave.


Scorpios usually make decisions about love and relationships without much thought. This is why after a few months in a relationship, they end up feeling that something is wrong. They may begin to find flaws in their relationship and even believe they deserve better. As a result, they have many failed relationships in search of the perfect one, which is a distant dream.