4 zodiac signs that love to criticize others

4 zodiac signs that love to criticize others

We all have that noisy colleague who likes to interfere with everyone's work. They love to criticize others and have this superiority complex that comes from getting an unexpected power.

Here are some zodiac signs that like to criticize others, according to astrology.


An Aquarian likes to criticize others and find fault with them. He or she may not do it on purpose, but they feel it is their duty to criticize others so that they can perform better.


Virgos also like to criticize others. They have excessive self-confidence and that is why they want to throw unnecessary criticism at others. Although they may not be right all the time, they will not spare the opportunity to criticize others and feel good about it.

The crab

A Cancer criticizes people to bring out the best in them. They just do it to make sure the other person is able to improve and work on their flaws. There are no bad intentions behind this.


Scorpios are masters at throwing criticism, mostly unnecessary ones. A slight sense of power can make them feel it's their birthright to poke their nose into other people's affairs and take charge of the whole world.