4 signs that always break the rules and 2 the strictest horoscope

4 signs that always break the rules and 2 the strictest horoscope

The rules are made to be broken, right? Some of us live in fear of making a mistake even in an email they write, while others are much more challenging.

4 horoscope signs that never play by the rules


The twins are unpredictable. They are led by Mercury, the planet of communication, which thrives when it destabilizes things. Just as little children tear apart the family computer just to reassemble it, so Gemini just wants to understand how things work.


Sagittarians are really fearless. As a changing sign of fire, they are driven by a very curious nature that is almost never satisfied. Sagittarius is particularly prone to breaking the rules. Unlike Gemini, they do not do this simply to test your limits, they do it to discover the truth. Like the true philosopher of the zodiac, Sagittarius simply wants to get to the heart of the matter and nothing can stop him.


Pisces follow their intuition, which often leads to the creation of waves. Pisces are usually aware of how other people feel in any situation and do the violations for the good of the collective. Fish also hate to be ‘caught’ when they are crossing boundaries and tend to back off when they think they have gone too far. (But don't think that stops them from trying again.)


Aquarius thinks outside the box. They are always ready to fight for the causes in which they believe. You will never find an Aquarius who is rebelling for the sake of rebellion.

2 zodiac signs that always play by the rules


Taurus is the loyal one who never breaks the rules. Taurus is the type of person who is so steadfast that he will stay in a job, relationship or friendship until the bitter end.


We all know that Lions love attention. Gain gratitude and respect just by being a symbol of obeying the rules.