4 things a Leo wants in a relationship

4 things a Leo wants in a relationship

Lions are energetic, usually hyperactive and charming. It can be hard to dominate a Leo, especially in love. Lions are not so demanding, they are gentle and sometimes even sweet talkers. But when it comes to a relationship, a Lion will not be satisfied with anything.

Here is a list of things a Leo might want in a relationship, according to astrology.


It is very likely that a Leo often wants attention in a relationship. If you are with a Leo, chances are you have to show them their importance from time to time. There is no way to ignore a Lion, they will catch your eye with crochet or tricks.


Lions often like to be at the top of your priority list, everything else is forbidden.


When we say support, it is more emotional. Lions are financially independent people; all they seek in a relationship is moral and emotional support. They want their partner to stay with them for better or for worse.


Lions are very loyal and they expect the same from their partner. This is another thing they can not compromise on. One can easily win a Lion with loyalty.