3 signs that your love life will totally change today (for better or for worse?)

3 signs that your love life will totally change today (for better or for worse?)

Mercury is in Sagittarius and this is the moment that in love there is only one philosophy: do or die. Especially for three of the zodiac signs total change is predicted. Either they will preserve the relationship forever, or they will destroy it. So there are two ways.


If there is anyone here who can put an idea in his mind and come up with a decisive plan it is you, Dashi. In your love life, you are faced with a wall; something is not working and you are not sure you want it to just 'finish'. You may even love this person, but something he does, and it's him - is not right, and you need to intervene and prevent this kind of behavior from becoming a habit. Your partner has a bad habit that has started to affect your current relationship. You will sit down for a conversation. The partner knew this day was coming, so it would not be too unexpected for him.


When you and your partner bonded, you both knew where you were going. He does things his way and you do things your way. So far this has not been an obstacle, but it has started to be. The truth is that you both need to focus on doing more for your relationship. Talk to her and show that this behavior is destroying this connection.


There is nothing you like more than a quiet relationship where you have very little worries. Mercury in Sagittarius makes you realize that you are just as guilty of letting things fall apart as your partner can be. If you want this love story of yours to last, you both need to make an effort to save it. It's time to talk.