3 signs that a difficult week awaits

3 signs that a difficult week awaits


You just won’t give up this week and because of that you will be overwhelmed by thinking negatively. Anxiety and expectation are the two words of the week. You will not be able to think that everything is fine. There are many possibilities to worry about your health. Maybe you are waiting for a diagnosis. You are waiting for the worst. Do yourself a favor and rely on yourself. Forcohuni. Do not torture yourself like this. You will feel overwhelmed by anxiety this week, but you will recover soon.


You will encounter an obstacle this week. Everything is fine, it's just a hindrance, and that's part of the effect of the Pluto Moon. You may feel confused about whatever is going on. Usually, you are quite thirsty, but you will be upset by the lack of progress this week. You will be melancholy too. You will be happy to finish this week knowing that next week will be full of positive and productive energy.


You can start the week by feeling the kindness of Aphrodite, which will bring hope when it comes to love or a new relationship. This sense of security, however, can be ruined as things do not go as you would have liked. Miscommunication can lead to confusion. You may feel less secure than usual.