3 signs that a difficult week awaits

3 signs that a difficult week awaits

Although it will not be a true horror story, for Gemini, Crab and Scorpio, the week will be somewhat tedious and difficult.

These signs will wait for things to not come and throw energy, but to no avail.

As frustrating as it may seem, it is simply a delay and it will pass. The only thing required of them is to wait.


Of course you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to love and family, however the rest will be in your thoughts. For example work. What is happening at work? You may be experiencing a disagreement with someone you work with. Can you expect a promotion and just want to know if she will come? You may get very tired of waiting and find it unfair and abusive. Constantly ask for respect and actually get it because you deserve it. This week you may encounter a situation where you will notice a total lack of respect. You will get angry because you deserve more.


This week, in particular, is somewhat associated with an anniversary. You know how kind you are. You have given almost as much as you can, but now you are starting to get bored of it. You keep giving, someone in your life keeps taking and no one is saying anything about it. You are starting to feel cheated. You give a lot and this is an admirable quality for a person, however you are starting to feel deprived and impoverished. You need a refund, but you will not receive it this week.


You are there to do all the work, no matter what that job is. Those who depend on you also expect you to do it all. The situation is the same at work and at home. You are the one who cleans, you are the one who cooks, you are the one who earns the money, makes the decisions, does the planning. Sometimes you just do not want to be the one who does everything. This week will do you good to make some good changes.