3 signs that a difficult Friday awaits today

3 signs that a difficult Friday awaits today

Today we will be more aware of our feelings and the truth they represent.

Scorpio season is always a season for transformation and change. But sometimes that comes at a cost. This applies to the whole season, and for today difficulties are predicted, especially for 3 signs.


It can be difficult to process your thoughts as you would normally. When we stop comparing logical thoughts with real feelings, then we can see that what often lies is our mind and not our heart. Big life changes are not created by the dramatic actions we do, but by the small things that add to a real life.


Today’s energy can be a clearer picture of our recent actions. Take a closer look at your feelings today. In life, the only thing we have is our sense of integrity and the choice to live as close as we can to our inner compass.


As an air sign sometimes, you can rationalize your choices or behavior, even if deep down you know there is something fundamentally wrong. You can spend some darker and more lonely moments in which you realize that everything you have done has created the situation you are in now.