3 signs that will heal their broken heart this week

3 signs that will heal their broken heart this week

The asteroid Chiron, also known as the Wounded Warrior, has just returned to Retrograd and is passing to Aries now.

This means that some of the signs of a broken heart will be healed. As a start Aries.


The affairs of the heart, when it is broken, are not at all entertaining. You are such a passionate and dedicated person that you connect a lot with people. This makes coping more intense and difficult when someone breaks your heart. Very soon you can feel like your old self again. Take the pain out and let yourself heal.


The bigger your heart Luan, the bigger the pain becomes. You will feel bad. Become even more sensitive when you have confidence. You have given that trust to someone from your past, and they destroyed it, leaving you heartbroken. What you have endured has never healed, mainly because you did not allow it. You continue to suffer as if to show loyalty to someone who has broken your heart. It no longer makes sense. You will understand these days.


You will realize that it is useless to think backwards. It just doesn’t do you any good, especially because you know deep down in your heart that these people are not thinking about you at all, so ... why bother? Something new will appear on the horizon for you. Open your heart, why not?