3 horoscope signs that await a difficult start to the week

3 horoscope signs that await a difficult start to the week

Mercury will be in Retrograde. He is to blame for some of the signs that he will have a difficult week.

Which are?


Maybe you feel like you just can’t take a break these days. Your main issue this week is how you handle expectations and what happens to you when you find yourself once again disappointed. You expect greatness from people who are not able to give greatness. Do not ask too much.


You are used to getting what you want even if it means that way will be difficult. Hard work and effort are nothing to you. The important thing is that your hard work is rewarded. Capricorn, you will need to find a way to deal with the fact and completion of something you have done. You are human and you need to understand that it is ok to make mistakes from time to time. You will recover soon.


This week will give you a mixed blessing. You will be very happy to see old friends and arrange meetings. However from time to time you may have different sensations. You may find yourself saying to yourself: How did I get here and why? You will have moments when you can hardly wait to run to the bedroom and sleep.