3 mistakes Leo makes in a relationship

3 mistakes Leo makes in a relationship

From calm to frustrating - love has two extremes! While there are many factors that decide which one you will experience in your love life, astrology is always considered a key element in checking the compatibility of your relationship. If you are a Leo yourself or you like a Leo, then you will want to know what mistakes can end your love affair.

Here's a look at the 3 mistakes Leo makes in relationships.

1. Want the love life to look just like a movie

Because Leos are about romance, fun, and passionate love, they compare their love life to the film's magical affairs, which further inflate their expectations into love. Who does not enjoy the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship where everything seems magical? But Leos become a little annoying when this early stage of a relationship ends.

2. Lovers with attention

Most Leos need constant attention from their partner even in the wrong situations which gives them the appearance of immaturity. Lions love their things for themselves and once the partner starts sharing something, they become a little impatient and often rude.

3. Being possessive or jealous

Because of their endless fear of being deceived, Leos remain emotionally insecure in their relationships and because of this, they become possessive and jealous. If you are in a relationship with a Leo, take the time and try to get involved in solving their problems to keep them happy and emotionally satisfied.