3 reasons why a relationship between Aquarius and Crab can not last

3 reasons why a relationship between Aquarius and Crab can not last
One is a water sign, while the other is an air sign. Basically, these aspects speak to their approach to life and love. While Crab welcomes new people, is open to new beginnings, Aquarius is more focused and analytical.

Take a look at three reasons why their relationship may not work.

Aquarius can not stand the changes in Crab's mood

Aquarius is known as a sign that there is little patience for drama in a relationship. While Crab believes in being itself, this is a sign that it is prone to mood swings and their feelings fluctuate constantly.

They do not match emotionally

Crabs are known to be very emotional, while Aquarius is restrained. They tend to be two opposite poles when it comes to feelings, as Crab wants to stay close to the partner while Aquarius seeks space in a relationship. Therefore, while one pursues freedom, the other desires intimacy, which makes them emotionally incompatible in a relationship.

Crab engages quickly, while Aquarius is a free spirit

Cancer cares a lot and likes to help people, if Aquarius values ??loyalty, they are a fixed sign and therefore, they need a long time before defining their feelings and committing to the partner. This may not suit the Crab who loves so much, but also engages quickly.