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'Tell my children that I love them very much'. The last messages sent by the victims of 9/11

'Tell my children that I love them very much'. The last messages sent

One way to remember all those who lost their lives in the September 11th attacks 21 years ago is their last words. The messages and phone calls that managed to make those who remained trapped until the buildings completely exploded, to take their lives, are touching, but worth recalling.

The last call to the husband's phone from Ceecee Lyles, flight attendant on United Airlines Flight 93:

"Listen to me, you must listen to me very carefully. I'm on a hijacked plane. I love you so much. Tell my children that I love them very much.”

Christopher Hanley, 35, called 911 from inside the Towers: Hanley didn't understand what was happening. He spoke quietly: there is a lot of smoke, send people to intervene. The operator advised him not to worry, but to open the windows. We are on our way, he said. But no one ever met Hanley again.

A woman's message to her husband:

"My last thoughts are just for Nicholas, Ian and you."

Diana's message to her partner:

"I am terrorized. I need to tell you how much I love you."

Another partner message:

"I know you're in a new relationship and I don't care anymore, but no matter what happens today, know that I love you."

Communications of hope:

Melissa: It's very hot here. The floor is fire. We are very afraid.

Operator: Keep calm. We are coming to get you.

Melissa is one of the 3,000 victims of that day.