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Sonela, Tiranapost will also miss you

Sonela, Tiranapost will also miss you

Today, a doctor and strong woman like Sonela Kavaja Xinxo passed away. He was 49 years old. So young!

Why do I want to write 5 words about Sonela?

Initially, I only knew her from her Instagram address. The name 'Sonela_X' was liked in many Tiranapost posts. Fabiola, my colleague used to tell me, this must be our most loyal fan!!! Later, we met by chance in Tirana and I learned that 'Sonela_X' was one of the good doctors we had and a deep woman. He enjoyed reading media and many books.

The last one I suggested in the last weeks of the fight with the disease was Elif Shafak "40 Rules of Love". I did not speak after that book, but I am convinced that her big world, despite the physical pain, has found full answers there.

Sonela fought the disease. He really wanted to win the biggest battle a man can have in the name of life, with death. In a way he succeeded because he didn't talk about it. He did not give up on her and continued to take pleasure in every little thing in life, which we should all have eyes to see when we are in good health.

In three years of facing the tumor, I have communications and emojis in my Instagram inbox as if it were a happy, healthy person on the other side of the phone.

I knew through third parties that the doctor did not like to talk about the disease.

I'm a little sorry today that I didn't have the courage to ask her if she would have wanted to leave a story about her battle. I'm not sure he wanted it. But this note today, I'm convinced it is.

Dear Sonela, today the sky has one more star. Thank you for your support and for the example you leave behind! We will always remember as a strong woman.

And you will be missed in our inbox :)

*From Mira Kazhani