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How a new fringo wardrobe helped me get through a painful divorce

How a new fringo wardrobe helped me get through a painful divorce

After Lisa Niver's divorce, she underwent a style transformation: “When I tried to get dressed to go out, I felt frozen. After hearing many times from my ex that I looked ugly, fat and old, I only bought baggy clothes. It was impossible for me to wear a different style as I was insecure from the constant criticism".

Lisa shares her experience of how building a post-divorce wardrobe led to a rediscovery of her independence.

"After I got married, I stopped wearing short skirts or cleavage. At first, it seemed like a small thing to comply with my husband's preferences or as a way to mitigate his jealousy.

However, as time went on, his controlling nature extended beyond my clothing to everything from my hair, weight to the friends I spent time with. And while I couldn't change the past or the decisions I made in my marriage, I had to focus on my future and make different choices—starting with my clothes.

In my quest to reinvent myself, I recall a conversation I had with a fellow teacher, Sarah. My school uniform was usually casual, street style, from a sports shop while she often chose long skirts and colorful tops that looked so youthful yet professional enough for the classroom. I learned that many of her clothes actually came from Limited Too, a girls clothing retailer. While this may seem like an odd sartorial choice for a grown woman, it intrigued me to channel youthful energy.

My inner child was finally smiling again. Changing clothes was a way to impress myself and the idea that I was fully in control of aspects of life again.

Caterpillars crawl on branches but after metamorphosis, they can fly again.

10 years later I still have a collection of shirts, but I also have a closet full of dresses that show off the lines of the body without fear.

I took time to rediscover what I liked and what I didn't.

My path has been unconventional and sometimes so are my shopping choices. But you are mine and that matters more.