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Rudina Djunga tells how they saved her life yesterday on the Boulevard when she fell

Rudina Djunga tells how they saved her life yesterday on the Boulevard when she

Journalist Rudina Xhunga in a post on Instagram has shown an event yesterday where she could have lost her life on the Boulevard in the center of Tirana. She confesses that she tripped and fell in front of a car that did not even stop to help her, but adds that what is more important is that many other good people helped her.

"Yesterday on the Boulevard I stumbled. I was running to catch the last few seconds of the green light and I didn't see the yellow bar dividing the bike lane. The obstacle blocked my legs and I fell, in front of a car. I didn't understand what happened, but passers-by shouted, stopped other cars and a girl helped me up. Then a gentleman introduced himself to me as a doctor, sat me down on the curb of Rogner and checked me for collapse, fractures from the fall. And in the end he gave me the license plate of the car, before which I fell. Find it, -said who it belongs to. - Because he didn't stop, didn't stop, didn't help. I saw it when you tripped and it was all in seconds. He could have killed you today. It was a luxury benz. License plate AA200XJ. I said thank you! But better than finding the owner of that car, to this day I will remember the face of the girl who gave me a hand to go, the passers-by who gathered without recognizing me and yelled for the cars to stop, the doctor who held my legs, marked the license plate and gave me first aid. Tirana is full of good people and life is too precious to be gone in the blink of an eye. We should not be left at the mercy of the benzas. Like this one that almost took my life, for a little, very little, fate distance, yesterday. Thank you", writes Rudina Xhunga.