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The inspiring story of the iconic basketball player from Tirana Mirza Alibegaj, who struggled with breast disease and never cried

The inspiring story of the iconic basketball player from Tirana Mirza Alibegaj,

There is nothing wrong with crying, but it is even better when you face difficult things with optimism. If Mirza Alibegaj. The iconic basketball player from Tirana told in an interview for Tiranapost from the moment she discovered the gland in her breast, to the joke she made with her partner the day before the intervention.

they came out to me even when I ran outside. For this I am glad that I had the same diagnosis from both parties.

There is a reason why Mirza feels lucky, amidst all this situation.

"I think I'm lucky inside all of this, even in the case of Covid who came to me and pushed me to do something, because sometimes we're very tolerant. Take life forward and be tolerant with yourself and in terms of health. I had not had an ultrasound or mammogram for the last 2-3 years and that was my mistake. But it happens because life takes on its own momentum, with problems, with each other. "next month and next month you forget and so on. That became the cause. How can I say, Lord Covid brought me to pursue the problem."

But the beginning was somewhat difficult.

"When I found out I was angry that I was not controlled. I caught it with myself that I was not controlled to catch it before, without going this far. Then I took it with my sportiness, that I usually take things and said what happened to me, "Sometimes God leads people who are strong enough to face it. He tries them."

Humorously then he also welcomed the intervention.

"The day before I went to the hospital, I said, 'Niko see me now, but tomorrow when I come, I'll be like doing it with my eyes. I do not have one side of my chest.'

Mirza has also undergone her last chemotherapy and the way she looks at it is best described in these lines.

"I took it with sportiness because I think I will get over it. I will take care of myself. God wrote things down. He told me you did not care much and gave me the sign that I should take more care."