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My parents were not vaccinated! Majlinda Bregu's story about the ordeal with her mother and father with Covid

My parents were not vaccinated! Majlinda Bregu's story about the ordeal

Majlinda Bregu has decided to speak publicly about a personal story these days that in fact is not so personal, when it comes to covid and the hatred he brings to our lives and our relatives.

In the note she titled: For two vaccines, find the full story

For two vaccines!

My parents were not vaccinated. A little out of stubbornness and a little out of fear that the vaccines would complicate your health, they decided to wait.
But Covidi does not follow anyone's plans. Rather, you inadvertently ridicule every moment when we think we have thrown it away.

There are more than 25 days that my parents are fighting, so that Covid does not make fun of us.

Very close to 'hata' we were with Mom, in intubation and hospital for many days.
The pain undoes even the strongest. And I do not know how many tons of patience and courage you have to push the nights in the midst of anxiety that the phone will ring and you will be notified, for the worst.
I do not know how much strength it takes to face yourself standing in front of you, as a witness of powerlessness to change what has happened.

Even when the good news comes fortunately, you have no power even for a shout of happiness, but you replace a pair of tears with others.

God and the professionalism and dedication of Dr. Blerim Arap and his team, mom brought us back to life ??? The trouble
continues, but the miracle happened ??
And while the sisters and I were trying to catch our breath for mom, Dad ended up in the hospital.
Tired, emaciated, suddenly deteriorating…
Dr. Silvana Bala, Dr. Arjan Mezini the whole tireless medical team that is taking care of Babi- Thank you!
Thank you for the National Emergency speeds that arrived even faster than we expected.

I wish to get out as soon as possible, from this spiral of torment, rupture of soul and confrontation with death. @ornela_bregu @ rovena_bregu3

Yes. With death!
So heavy is the weight of saving loved ones, how paradoxically easy is getting the vaccine!