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Nicole Kidman: "Depression no longer made my body feel like mine"

Nicole Kidman: "Depression no longer made my body feel like mine"

The Australian actress has recounted a very difficult period in her life, which she experienced during the filming of The Hours, where she played the role of writer Virginia Woolf.

Nicole Kidman is undoubtedly one of the best actresses of the last thirty years. And the latest attempt by the Australian diva - now fifty-four - is the Ricardos film, which puts her to act alongside Javier Bardem. However, the Australian actress has not only gone through moments of joy and success in her life. There were also dark moments of depression. And finally, Kidman talked about it at events related to the promotion of the latest film.

Nicole Kidman: "Depression no longer made my body feel like mine"

The 54-year-old's mental health was severely tested after her separation from Tom Cruise, with whom she had shared eleven years of life before the relationship broke down. Nicole Kidman recalled that when she was involved in the filming of "The Hours," a film about the life of Virginia Woolf and for which she won an Oscar, she suffered so much by identifying with the character's problems.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 on a cultural life program, the Australian diva revealed: “Depression no longer made my body feel like mine. It was as if I really let Virginia take control because at that moment I was an open door. "And the director (Stephen Daldry) was very careful with me because he knew everything."

Fully immersed in the characters she plays, has caused Nicole to have problems on other occasions as well. For example, when she played the role of women victims of physical and psychological abuse as in "He Undoing and Being Little Lies", the actress said that she was "really sick. And this is one of the main consequences of acting as a role. "For a week my immune system refused to recognize the difference between acting and reality."