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'Sorry I could not protect you'. A man tells how he found out from Twitter that his whole family had been killed

'Sorry I could not protect you'. A man tells how he found out from

Tatiana, 43, Mykyta, 18, and daughter Alisa, 9, along with a church volunteer who was helping them leave Kiev, were killed by Russian forces on the street. The man of the house had traveled to his sick mother shortly before the war and tells how he saw on Twitter his family lying on the ground.

"I told her, 'I'm sorry I could not protect you. I tried to take care of my mother and I can not protect you.

She replied: Do not worry that we will get out of here. Now the whole world needs to know what happened. My son was in unprecedented stress. "He spent the nights guarding while his mother and sister slept," he told the New York Times.

He tells how he was all the time monitoring their location from the phone, and at one point realized that something was wrong.

It was Twitter that gave him the bad news. Heard about a family that was killed while fleeing and then saw the viral photos and recognized the suitcases. They were: his wife and two children.

To return to Kiev, he flew to Russia and crossed a land border in Poland, where Russian guards let him cross after threatening to arrest him.

"My whole family died in what you call a special operation and we call it war. You can do whatever you want with me. "I have nothing to lose," he said.

Their family had moved to Kiev in 2014 after being relocated by the Russian uprising to the eastern city of Donetsk.