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Playing video games is good for your brain

Playing video games is good for your brain

Researchers from the State University of Georgia in the USA have discovered a way to have a better decision - making on many things . You can play more video games on your mobile phone or computer .

Compared to those who do not regularly play these video games , the new study finds that regular players of these games display superior sensorimotor decision - making skills . But not only that, gamers seem to have more activity in key regions of their brain.

These findings are based on fMRI ( functional magnetic resonance imaging ) readings from dozens of video game players and non - players . The research team believes that video games can be a practical option for training people in perceptual decision - making.

" Video games are played by the vast majority of our youth , with more than 3 hours each week . But the beneficial effects on decision-making skills and the brain were not known more precisely ," says lead researcher Mukesh Dhamala , associate professor in the Department of of Physics and Astronomy and the Institute of Neurosciences at the University of Georgia _ _ _ _ .

" Our knowledge offers some answers ," he says . Dhamala was an advisor to lead study author Tim Jordan . Regarding the latter , this study was very personal . _ _ _ _ Since he was a child, Jordan has had poor vision in one of his eyes . During a research project when he was 5 years old, Jordan covered his eye m able to play video games . _

The hope was that this approach would strengthen the vision in his weaker eye. And in fact today his eyesight is much better. Jordan believes that video games played a key role in helping him go from being blind to having one eye , building a strong capacity for visual processing.

The study in question included 47 participants of university age . 28 of them claimed to be regular video game players , and another 19 did not . Participants lay inside an FMRI machine , and faced a mirror that displayed a sign , immediately followed by a display of moving dots.

Each person had to press a button in their right or left hand to indicate the direction the dots were moving, or avoid pressing the button if there was no movement in either direction. Those who played video games were faster and more accurate in their answers.

Furthermore, an analysis of their brain scans revealed notable differences related to enhanced activity in certain parts of the players' brains. " These results show that playing video games potentially increases some of the sub - processes that are responsible for sensation , perception and action planning to improve decision-making skills " - write the authors of the study.

*This article was published in Bota.al and reposted by Tiranapost.al