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The farewell letter that Kurt Cobain left to his wife and daughter before committing suicide!

The farewell letter that Kurt Cobain left to his wife and daughter before

The former soloist of the band Nirvana ended his life, in a severe psychological and emotional state, in 1994. Before the final act, he left a letter for his wife and daughter.

"I am talking to you from the point of view of a simple, somewhat experienced man, who would prefer to be a child. This letter should be simple enough to understand. All the basic school warnings that have been given to me over the years, from my beginnings, like the ethics of independence and community, have been accurate. I no longer feel emotions in listening to music or even in creating it.

It makes me feel terribly guilty. For example, when I're behind the scenes and the lights go out and I hear the audience shouting out loud, I do not feel what Freddie Mercury felt, who felt drunk by the crowd, he was getting energy from it. I have always admired and envied him for this. The fact is that I can not lie to any of you. It just wouldn’t be right. The biggest crime I can commit is to pretend and believe I am having 100% fun. Sometimes it seems to me that I commit this crime every time I go up on stage. I have tried everything I have, I have God as a witness, but I can do it.

I am very sensitive. I have to stun myself to regain the enthusiasm I had when I was a kid. During our last three tours I have been able to appreciate a lot more the people I have known personally and the fans of our music, but I still can not overcome the disappointment, guilt and sensitivity I have for everyone. Why not have fun? I do not know. I have a divine woman with ambition and empathy, and a girl who reminds me of the time when I was like her, full of love and joy…

To kiss all the people I meet, because everyone is good and no one can do bad, it terrifies me to the point that I lose my vital functions. I can not stand the idea of ??Frances becoming a miserable, self-destructive rocker like me. I have done well, very well during these years and I am grateful, but I have grown up with hatred for humanity since the age of seven. Thank you all from the bottom of my burning and sick stomach for the letters and support you have given me over the years. I am an unstable child! And I no longer have any emotion, and believe me it is better to burn fast than to fade slowly!

Peace, love, empathy. Kurt Cobain!

Frances and Courtney, I will protect you from above !.

Please Courtney, be strong, for Frances.

You will be happier without me.

I love you! I love you!"