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The story of the student who died during the operation, touched heaven and woke up in the morgue

The story of the student who died during the operation, touched heaven and woke

Computer science student Graciela H. decided to share her experience when she almost touched death, or not nearly, but really did.

She underwent a delicate operation and was declared dead by the doctors, to return to this world after a few hours.

“I saw the doctors working quickly on me… They were worried. They checked my vital signs and gave me CPR. Each of them began to slowly leave the room. I didn't understand why they behaved like that. Everything was quiet. I decided to get up… Only my doctor was still there, looking at my body. I decided to come closer, I stood next to him, I felt that he was sad and that his soul was suffering. I remember touching his shoulder, then he walked away. My body began to rise and rise, I can tell that it has acquired a strange strength. It was fantastic, my body was getting lighter. As I walked out of the operating room, I realized I could move wherever I wanted. I was taken to a place where… the clouds were bright, a room or a space… Everything around me was clear, very bright and my body filled with energy, my chest heaving with happiness. I looked at my arms. They had the same shape as human limbs, but made of a different material. The matter was like a white gas, mixed with a white glow, a silver glow, pearly glow around my body. I was beautiful. I didn't have a mirror to look at myself in the face, but I felt that my face was cute. I was wearing a white, simple, long dress… My voice was like that of a teenager, mixed with the tone of a child's voice…. Suddenly a light brighter than my body approached ... His light blinded me ... He said in a very beautiful voice: 'You will not be able to continue. He took me and hugged me ... He was calm all the time, he gave me strength. I felt love and energy… There is no love and strength in this world comparable to that… He said: 'You have been sent here by mistake. Someone's mistake. You have to go back... To come here you have to do a lot of things... Try to help more people', he told me. And I woke up. I opened my eyes, there were metal doors all around, people on metal tables, a body was on top of another body. I recognized the place: I was in the morgue. I felt the ice on my eyelashes, my body was cold. I could not hear anything... I could neither move my neck nor speak... I felt sleepy... Two or three hours later I heard voices and opened my eyes again. I saw two nurses... I knew what to do... I looked one of them in the eye. At this moment, she said to her colleague that I opened my eyes, while the other replied: Come on, this place is scary. He didn't take it seriously. Inside I was screaming, 'Please don't leave me!' I didn't close my eyes until some nurses and doctors came. All I heard was someone saying, 'Who did this? Who sent this patient to the morgue? Doctors are crazy!

One of the things I learned is that there is no time to waste doing wrong things, we have to make everything good for our own good… on the other hand it is like a bank, the more you put in the account, the more you will manage to have in the end", said the student who narrated her story with the afterlife.