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I made $ 3 million in 7 years at Poker, but it's a life I would not recommend to anyone 

I made $ 3 million in 7 years at Poker, but it's a life I would not

In 1985, when Xuan Liu was 5 years old, her family emigrated from Tian Jin, China to Toronto. By the time Liu was seven, she had learned the basics of poker by watching movies and TV and organizing poker games between her and the bears. When he grew up he made it a profession.

Her story:

In 2010 I started playing and took part in the first tournament to try my hand or luck at Poker. When my parents found out, I made a deal with them. I told them I would only play for a year while looking for work and once I found one, I would give up. But for nine months I did pretty well before my mom let me go. So from 2010 to 2017 I played live but also online tournaments and earned $ 3 million.

It may seem strange, but Poker consumes you both physically and mentally. There was a period when I did not stop playing. Even when I was not playing, I read information so that I could learn something to improve in this area.

The game also hurts you physically, as there are times when standing at a Poker table for 14 hours in a row with breaks too short for a phone call or enough to eat.

Believe me, I do not know anyone who deals with this game and would recommend it as a way of life. Do not misunderstand me. I love Poker. Thanks to him I have visited amazing places like Italy, China, I have known fantastic people, but the game can really be something that solitude creates. When you are succeeding and winning, it means that someone is losing.