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The day the Queen went into the Airport mall to buy pendants. He was happy that no one recognized him

Sam Cohen, ish-asistentja private e Mbretëreshës Elizabeth ndan kujtimet e saj pas ndarjes nga jeta të monarkes.

The day the Queen went into the Airport mall to buy pendants. He was happy that

By Sam Cohen/ The world has woken up to the news that our beloved Queen Elizabeth II has died.

We are faced with the reality of what her death really means to this country, the Commonwealth and each of us who loved her.

A woman in a man's world who never lost her feminine charm and showed that women can do anything a man can do (sometimes even better). However, she adored men and valued them.

It was Queen Elizabeth's character that set her apart and made her one of the greatest leaders of our time and this country's longest serving monarch.

She was shy but very cheerful, reserved but brave, feminine but tough, a warm-hearted woman and equal partner.

She started the concept of work-life balance by realizing that her role was special to her as a person, embracing the slings and devoting herself to them in her busy schedule.

Queen Elizabeth loved photography and spent hours putting family pictures into her albums. She loved her dogs and of course horses. In the winter months, when the royal family moved to Sandringham for Christmas, she enjoyed the births of new foals as they arrived in the chilly hours.

Both she and the Duke of Edinburgh thought it was funny when things didn't go according to plan.

In Winnipeg, Canada, the royal boat broke down, leaving them in an icy cold river. The ship had to tie up with another ship to be towed, with the Queen Elizabeth climbing onto the lifeboat to disembark. While the rest of us ran around trying to sort out dramas, they always stayed calm.

She was very curious and enjoyed life experiences that her role did not allow her to have, such as duty free shopping. When she traveled to Australia, which she did many times, the plane would stop in Singapore and silks would be brought to the VIP lounge for her to shop with Angela Kelly, her designer.

Në vitin 2002, ajo vendosi se donte të hynte në qendrën kaotike pa taksa të aeroportit Changi. Ajo ishte absolutisht e kënaqur që askush nuk e njohu dhe mendoi se ishte histerike kur pronarët e dyqaneve filluan të këmbejnë furishëm me të. "Zonjë - ju pëlqen ky varëse?"

Ajo bleu disa gjëra dhe një turmë filloi të mblidhej pasi njerëzit e kuptuan se ishte ajo. Princi Philip, ndërkohë, ishte në dyqanin përballë rrugës, duke provuar syze, plotësisht i pavëmendshëm ndaj turmës.

Në vitin 2014, në moshën 87-vjeçare, Mbretëresha Elizabeth tha që nuk kishte bërë kurrë një "udhëtim ditor" në Evropë dhe pyeti veten nëse kjo do të ishte e mundur. Ajo u shpreh se kishte marrë një ftesë nga Giorgio Napolitano, presidenti i Italisë, i cili i kishte shkruar se e admironte shumë, pasi ishin në të njëjtën moshë dhe e kishte ftuar për drekë.

We started making preparations and she remembered that she had not yet met the new Pope – Pope Francis.

The challenge on this occasion was that the two heads of state could not officially meet without the Queen respectfully wearing black. Thankfully, the pope was as practical as she was, and they agreed to depart from protocol and meet in the less formal audience hall in "the dress of the day."

She took the informality a step further, presenting the Pope with a basket of treats from the royal estates that included eggs, venison and whisky, which the Pope happily accepted to the delight of the media.