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The day I earned 7 127,000 was the worst of my life

The day I earned 7 127,000 was the worst of my life

Lisa Walker, 49, of Rainham in east London, has struggled with gambling for more than a decade. Her habit became inevitable in the late 20s, as she made a lot of money playing poker.

"I made over 7 127,000 a night. It was the worst night of my life because then my addiction got out of control. The casino wanted me back and they offered me everything I wanted to seduce me: free drinks and food."

She says she often went there and entered the central bingo hall and betting shop, to feed what had become a harmful habit.

"For most of the day I thought about gambling and most days I gambled. I reached a stage where I ran out of money at all."

Eventually, she lost all her money and her home after re-mortgaging her to continue gambling. She ended up staying in a hotel for some time with her two children, who at the time were 10 and 11 years old.

At age 45, Lisa's addiction continued. She even chose to marry her partner in a Las Vegas venue, then spent the wedding night gambling in the casino instead of celebrating with the groom and guests. When she returned from Vegas, Lisa realized she needed help, as gambling had taken her to a "deep, dark place" where she could think of nothing else.

Lisa decided to attend an Anonymous Gamblers meeting, where she was one of two women among 35 men. She now goes to meetings every week.

Lisa has not yet completely overcome her addiction, but says that those meetings have changed her life a lot.