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Carlo Conti, the 'good boy' of Italian television, recounts his life

Carlo Conti, the 'good boy' of Italian television, recounts his life

The Italian presenter Carlo Conti has given an emotional interview with details from his young life.

"My mom worked like crazy to support me. I felt the absence of my father only one day, I turned 18 years old".

"To everyone I was the Alberto Sordi of the group, the one who would never marry. I had never lived with someone, to understand each other, I had never had two toothbrushes in the bathroom. I moved them. One day I felt the need to have my own family. But this is not necessarily the case for everyone." Carlo Conti decided to get married after meeting his current wife Francesca Vaçaro. In 2014 Matteo was born and his life changed.

Before I got married, I had several relationships. Yes, I have never behaved badly. I was loyal and respectful. I happened to get away with being honest, but maybe someone will have suffered anyway. But I have always acted in good faith, so much so that with my first girlfriend Guia, Monika and Ilaria, we still talk and wish each other the best".

He further said:

"I have never been drunk in my life. I drank water at the disco. I never smoke. Being lucid for me was very important to living everything consciously. No violation. I was just addicted to girls."

"My mom worked like crazy to support me. She taught me the values ​​of life, I owe her everything. When I left my job at the bank to pursue my passion, radio, I felt bad. But then she was happy for me, she understood me. Many people ask me if it was difficult growing up with only one parent. Maybe it was extraordinary, it was me and her, very close, I never felt the absence of my father. One day, I was already an adult, I felt the absence. I was 18. I had gone to play tennis with Leonardo and his father was there behind the net shouting 'Come on, come on!!!', cheering and encouraging him. I was alone."