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Online bullying just killed a 17-year-old. The touching story of the young man who was abandoned several times

Online bullying just killed a 17-year-old. The touching story of the young man

A Chinese teenager in Hainan province who was sold by his parents when he was a baby. He was adopted and shortly afterwards lost his adoptive parents. He grew up with his grandparents until he was 17, when he was left alone. Liu Xuezhou in an online video publicly asked for help to find biological parents.

Liu was sold by his biological parents in 2005.

In December last year, the 17-year-old managed to find his biological parents, who were divorced and remarried.

Liu said on social media that at first it had been a happy reunion - but things took another turn when he asked his parents for financial support. The boy had asked her to stay at home with one of them, or they would buy him a house or help him with the rent.

From this moment his parents abandoned him for the second time.

There were plans to take them to court, but they were heavily attacked online. He fell prey to bullying, memes and situations he could not cope with.

Just after midnight Monday, Liu posted a lengthy essay on Weibo in which he detailed the events of his life and how he was offended online.

"I have endured being called by many names, epithets. I have been abandoned several times. "I have already decided to end my life," he wrote at the end of the letter.

The post sparked outrageous comments urging him not to commit suicide.

It was then his aunt who confirmed the young man's death.

'The cyber bullying he endured was too much to handle for an adult, let alone a child,' someone said online.

Some had hoped that the day would come when he would start a good family in the future. It did not happen!